See Outblaze on TVB's Pearl Report

Outblaze was featured in TVB’s Pearl Report for an episode titled App, App and Away, which investigates the phenomenon of smartphone apps and looks at Hong Kong companies working in this field.


The episode will air again late tonight (Tuesday) and on Saturday at 12 noon. You can also watch the show online.

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Outblaze: 100 apps in the App Store and dozens top ranked

Outblaze world domination update:

The Outblaze companies have been busy producing apps and games for Apple’s App Store and this June  we published our 100th app. We’re at 105 published apps on the App Store, to be precise (not counting Android, of course). Our experience with smartphone apps has taught us a lot about what succeeds, what users want, and how to monetize our products while ensuring they reach as wide an audience as possible. Outblaze titles are branded under various partner companies including Dream Cortex and Animoca.

To commemorate this significant milestone we would like to showcase a nifty little arcade puzzle game that’s been doing well, especially in Hong Kong.

Bubble Juggle is a free game app with optional premium upgrades. The game asks you to keep bubbles from floating to the bottom of the screen, and (be warned!) it is highly addictive. In Hong Kong, Bubble Juggle is steadily approaching dominion of the App Store with the following ranks as of June 17, 2011:

number 2 in Top Free iPhone Puzzle Apps

number 5 in Top Free iPhone Arcade Apps

number 9 in Top free iPhone Games Apps

number 15 in Top Free iPhone Apps

Below are screenshots showing current positions. Note the other Outblaze titles floating around in the top lists – for example, there are three Outblaze games in the  Top 25 free like Bubble Juggle.





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Is Your Husband Cheating on You? No, He’s Playing Pretty Pet Salon.

The Tapjoy blog comments on radio 107.9’s The Wake Up Call show which featured the hugely popular Pretty Pet Salon game app:


Do you have a significant other? Does s/he spend a lot of time alone? Does it involve a mobile/tablet device? If you’ve answered yes to all of the above, lights will go off that your partner is (gasp) cheating on you! But what if that’s not the case? No phone calls, no SMS. Instead, your partner sneaks off to play Pretty Pet Salon and secretly hides the fact that s/he is bathing his panda customer.


Pretty Pet Salon is available for both iOS and Android. Please see the game’s web site for more information.



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Outblaze featured in South China Morning Post

On Monday, June 6, 2011, Outblaze was featured in the South China Morning Post. The article may be found here (requires login). The Post looked at how Hong Kong-based Outblaze is a “pioneering IT company” that has evolved in recent years:

Founded in 1998, Outblaze in 2009 sold for an undisclosed amount its core online messaging and collaboration operations to International Business Machines Corp.

The business acquired by IBM from Outblaze offers hosted e-mail and collaboration services in 22 languages to more than 40 million users worldwide.

These assets in Cyberport have since been transformed into IBM’s first cloud-computing facility in Hong Kong.

Following the IBM deal, Outblaze has [pushed] for more projects in the online community market, including games, chats, message boards and blogs.

The Post asked us about the strategy and success of Outblaze:

Yat Siu, the founder and chief executive of privately held Outblaze, said the company had started “porting a whole bunch of our apps on the Android platform”, but remained “focused on furthering our apps business” on Apple.

“We need to maintain that focus,” Siu said. “At this point, we’re one of the biggest developers on the App Store worldwide. But if you drop the ball, you can easily be forgotten in this market.”

… Outblaze is the developer of the popular Pretty pet series of games that have been downloaded an estimated seven million times and achieved Top-10 ranking in dozens of markets on the App Store…

That mobile game franchise includes Pretty pet Salon, Pretty Pet Salon Seasons and Pretty Pet Tycoon. These are free to download and play from the App Store, with the option of buying premium upgrades through credit card transactions on the platform.

You can visit for all your Pretty Pet needs. Yat Siu went on to talk about the broad spectrum of apps available:

“Our apps business has been doubling every month,” said Siu, without disclosing any figures. “We’re not just into games.”

Outblaze, for example, launched its multilingual Chinese horoscope application in January in time for the Lunar New Year. The application immediately became No 1 on the Hong Kong App Store early this year and reached either a top-five or top-10 ranking in other markets around the world.

You can read the entire article here if you have a membership.


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Pretty Pet Tycoon

We’re proud to announce the latest in our series of hit “Pretty Pet” iPhone games – Pretty Pet Tycoon!

Pretty Pet Tycoon is a strategy game that allows you to run your very own farm devoted to producing copious amounts of fruit!

Your goal is to harvest as much as you can and get your fruit shipped to market.

Pretty Pet Tycoon offers two more playable themes to spice up your farming life:  Candy Factory and Juice Bar!

Fans of Pretty Pet Tycoon have already made it the Number 1 paid app in the Hong Kong iTunes app store.   Pretty Pet Tycoon costs only US$1.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes stores worldwide (here’s the link for the Hong Kong store).  If you loved Pretty Pet Salon and Pretty Pet Salon Seasons, we’re sure you’re gonna love this.


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New for iPhone & iPad – Dress to Impress!

We’re proud to announce our fresh new app for fashion lovers: Dress to Impress lets you channel your inner fashion guru!

Recreate yourself and your friends as fun avatars that you can share via email and Facebook. Customize further by assigning your avatars to your contacts. Go on daily fashion trips using the “Impress” feature to earn Fashion Points.

Fashion Points can also be earned every time you upload to Facebook. Use these points to purchase items for your avatar.

Dress to Impress is free on the iTunes App store, and is available now for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad! Download it now and have fun!

And be sure to check out the Facebook fan page for Dress to Impress!




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Talking Zombies!

We’re very excited about our latest iPhone game, Talking Zombies, and we’re not the only ones.  Apple is currently featuring Talking Zombies as the #1 New and Noteworthy iPhone app in the Entertainment section of their App Store.

We released the game just a few days ago and the initial reviews have been great – all 5 star!  Thanks to howiejai for his review in the iTunes store in which he writes, “A very innovative talking app!”

As you might expect from the name, the zombie will repeat whatever you say in a sinister, ghoulish voice.  And the fun doesn’t stop there because you can interact with the zombie in a variety of ways.  And that’s not all!  Talking Zombies also includes a game mode in which you fight with the zombie, choosing from a selection of 21 different weapons.

You can gain weapons for free by amassing Zombie Points or if you’re in a hurry to do some damage, you can buy points. I can’t wait to attack the zombie with an electric guitar!

Talking Zombies is free to download and play and it’s compatible with the iPod Touch and the iPad as well as the iPhone.  Check it out here (link is to the HK iTunes store) and let us know what you think!

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The World Loves Pretty Pet Salon!

The latest version of Pretty Pet Salon is taking the world by storm!  Version 1.2 of this fun iPhone game was released just last week with a music player and an upgradeable sofa and people are loving it, giving it an average review of 4 stars.  We’re thrilled that people are enjoying this free-to-play game all around the world.  Right now Pretty Pet Salon is on iTunes’ top 10 grossing lists in 35 countries!

Currently, the game ranks #1 in Luxembourg, Macau, Czech Republic, Norway, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Latvia, the Philippines, Canada, Thailand, Armenia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Australia and Denmark.

And it’s not far behind in the rest of the world:

  • #2 Saudi Arabia, Lebanon
  • #3 United States, United Kingdom, Finland
  • #4 Sweden
  • #5 Japan, Kuwait, Austria
  • #6 Russian Federation
  • #7 Portugal
  • #8 Venezuela, New Zealand
  • #9 France
  • #10 Ireland, Germany

Clearly, this is a game with no cultural boundaries.

Want to know who the celebrity guests are?   Pretty Pet Salon is free to download and play so grab it from iTunes and find out!

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Pretty Pet Salon is a hit!

The latest hit from Dream Cortex for the iPhone is Pretty Pet Salon!

Get ready to run a Pretty Pet Salon! This cute and engaging game lets you be a pet salon owner and earn money in your shop. Get prepared to serve two celebrity guests! They will visit your pet salon with surprises. This cute and exciting mini-game is sure to be hours of fun!

Version 1.1 was released yesterday and we’re thrilled to see that people love it as much as we do.  Right now it’s the Number 1 Kids Game in the Hong Kong iTunes store, as well as the highest grossing kids game there.   In the US, it’s currently the Number 5 kids game and also one of the top 100 downloaded apps.   It’s also in the top 5 in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan …. the list goes on!

The latest version of Pretty Pet Salon has an average review rating of 4-1/2 stars in the US iTunes store.  ichingfungi_s writes, “It is more addicting than expected, keeps going on to yield good stuff.”    Unrealize is also “addicted” while Yorgi Bearus says it is “fun and am having hours of bedtime fun with it so far … recommended download!”

Pretty Pet Salon is a free download for iPhone and iPod Touch and is compatible with the iPad, so why not download it for yourself or your kids and try it right now?

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Outblaze's Chinese Horoscope App is #1 iPad App in Hong Kong!

In less than 10 days, people around the world will celebrate Chinese New Year and the arrival of the Year of the Rabbit.   And we have another reason to celebrate – our Chinese Horoscope app for the iPad is now the #1 app in the Hong Kong iTunes store!

Chinese Horoscope HD is an astrology app that provides users with their daily fortunes as predicted by Master Edwin Ma – a professional and experienced Feng Shui & Astrology Consultant in Hong Kong. All predictions have been made according to ancient Chinese arts of prognostication.

This fun  iPad application is free so go to the iTunes store and download it today!   Don’t have an iPad?  Then you can download this version for your iPhone.  (The links are to the U.S. iTunes store.)

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