About Outblaze

Outblaze is a private company established in May 1998 in Hong Kong, with offices in the USA, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, and the Philippines. Originally a pioneer in the field of multilingual communication services for online communities, Outblaze today develops and provides various cloud computing services across digital media, including Web services, online virtual community services, online transaction systems, and more. Outblaze is a company of innovators who are passionate about information technology, and whose mission is the delivery of powerful digital media and web 2.0 products

Outblaze collaborates with clients to create customized solutions tailored to meet their specific needs without requiring them to invest in expensive software and hardware.  The company handles all operations of the service, leaving clients free to focus on their core competencies. Outblaze services are white label, meaning that the client has full ownership and control over their appearance and branding.

Outblaze has built up a close network of “sister companies” and joint ventures to provide a variety of digital media and entertainment services, including online gaming and 3D animation production. To learn more please visit www.outblaze.com or continue reading this blog.

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