IBM officially opens Cloud Computing Lab in Hong Kong thanks to Outblaze

Today I attended IBM’s ceremony announcing the opening of the first IBM Cloud Computing Laboratory in Hong Kong. The event was well attended by industry leaders, media, analysts, IBM’s major partners, and senior government including Mr John Tsang, Financial Secretary of the HKSAR Government. As Mr Tsang put it in his speech, the lab is a significant development:

IBM has Cloud Labs in cities across five continents and we are delighted that Hong Kong has been added to this distinguished list. This marks a new milestone for the development of R&D and information and communications technology (ICT) in our city. It is also testimony to our strength as a centre for ICT innovation and our strong fundamentals, including a sound legal system, vigorous regime for protecting intellectual property rights and world-class ICT infrastructure.

The IBM Lab is a strategic investment built on the technology and expertise of the Outblaze messaging business, which IBM acquired in April 2009 (note that IBM acquired some Outblaze assets, and not Outblaze itself). All of us at Outblaze are honoured to have demonstrated Hong Kong’s advantages as a centre for R&D, innovation, and talent in information technology.

Outblaze CEO Yat Siu had a few words for the occasion, though unfortunately he was overseas at the time of the launch and was unable to attend. In his blog he writes:

I congratulate IBM for officially opening this Cloud Computing Lab, this is a strategic investment to IBM and is only one of a few such centers world wide. I am happy to hear that IBM will continue to invest and grow this Lab and lead the way of large multinational technology companies to grow and build some real R&D effort in Hong Kong. This is a subject that I have been talking about before and I hope more multinational companies will emulate.

I congratulate Hong Kong because it demonstrates that Hong Kong has the stuff to develop leading and cutting edge technology with a global reach. Lotuslive iNotes is made in Hong Kong!

And last but certainly not least I wish to congratulate everyone at Outblaze who has made this possible through their effort, dedication and passion. You have demonstrated what is possible in Hong Kong and that will continue to foster and grow the spirit of research and development in the field of technology here in Hong Kong.

Which sums it up nicely. Congratulations to IBM, Outblaze, and Hong Kong!