The interview with Ying Xue

It’s time for another Chinese Blogger Conference update. I met Ms Ying Xue in Beijing at the 3rd Chinese Blogger conference. Tangos Chan (see his interview) introduced us and told me that I absolutely must interview her.

Ying Xue is an investment analyst who provides research and analysis to overseas Venture Capital firms. She is one of the volunteers behind CnBloggerCon, and since she speaks fluent English Isaac Mao (see his interview) asked her to provide simultaneous interpretation for the foreign media who didn’t speak Mandarin.

Hong Kong has had more and more IT startups these past few years, but obviously compared with China the scale is completely different. China has a very highly active and diverse community of IT startups (see “China Web2.0 Review” by Tangos Chan), and because of the huge market size (and other factors), they obtain VC funding much more easily than Hong Kong’s IT startups. So I was really interested to know what Ying Xue thinks of the situation.

Ying said she is not representing her company, but just sharing her own personal thoughts with us – thanks Ying!

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