Dream Cortex Launches Fii-Creator and My Social Meter

Dream Cortex launched two new Facebook applications last week – Fii-Creator and My Social Meter.

Fii is a virtual avatar customization Facebook Application. At Fii, you can create your very own personal, unique avatar. You can make your avatar look like you, or make it entirely different. It’s totally up to you! There is plenty of customization and a wide range of hairstyles, clothes, accessories and expressions to get the look that you want.  Share your creations with your friends and invite them to make their very own Fii avatar!

Want to know how many “likes” your Facebook account has? Curious as to who among your friends have the most “likes” on your posts?  My Social Meter allows you to see your “Social Meter”, by putting together the amount of “likes” that your friends made on your Facebook posts, such as status messages, photos, videos and links!

Try them both out and let us know what you think!