Outblaze: 100 apps in the App Store and dozens top ranked

Outblaze world domination update:

The Outblaze companies have been busy producing apps and games for Apple’s App Store and this June  we published our 100th app. We’re at 105 published apps on the App Store, to be precise (not counting Android, of course). Our experience with smartphone apps has taught us a lot about what succeeds, what users want, and how to monetize our products while ensuring they reach as wide an audience as possible. Outblaze titles are branded under various partner companies including Dream Cortex and Animoca.

To commemorate this significant milestone we would like to showcase a nifty little arcade puzzle game that’s been doing well, especially in Hong Kong.

Bubble Juggle is a free game app with optional premium upgrades. The game asks you to keep bubbles from floating to the bottom of the screen, and (be warned!) it is highly addictive. In Hong Kong, Bubble Juggle is steadily approaching dominion of the App Store with the following ranks as of June 17, 2011:

number 2 in Top Free iPhone Puzzle Apps

number 5 in Top Free iPhone Arcade Apps

number 9 in Top free iPhone Games Apps

number 15 in Top Free iPhone Apps

Below are screenshots showing current positions. Note the other Outblaze titles floating around in the top lists – for example, there are three Outblaze games in the  Top 25 free like Bubble Juggle.