Animoca's rebuttal to claims of an Android decline

Animoca has posted a rebuttal of claims that appeared on TechCrunch about some sort of Google Android decline. Apparently,  Android as a mobile OS was thought to be on its last legs until Animoca swooped in and set the record straight in a post titled Hey TechCrunch: what Android decline?

Animoca starts in a pleasantly lyrical manner:

The posts of the legendary MG Siegler on TechCrunch have soared fantastically over the mundane landscape of technology news & analysis, reaching adulatory heights rarely matched by other Web publications while providing an interesting and entertaining (if occasionally slightly skewed) read.

But now a TechCrunch post by a different writer (Matt Burns) alleging the rise of an “Apple monopoly” in smartphones and tablets has left readers confused on some points, and not because of adoration in the classic Sieglerian style. The article, titled The Decline Of Android Foretells The Rise Of A Total Apple Monopoly, makes some surprising claims – among, it must be noted, some fair points

and then settles in to a systematic analysis of the situation interrupted by the occasional wisecrack. Of special note is a new malady identified, named and described by Animoca:

Morbus silicii vallis. It is a (fictional) condition found among some technology professionals in the Silicon Valley area, resulting from over-preoccupation with one’s immediate sphere of activity and leading to a geographical attentional deficit. [Offered with apologies to all medical professionals and students of Latin, plus everyone in Silicon Valley]

You may already know that Android is probably not in decline, but you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the dangers of Morbus silicii vallis!




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