Typhoon Hits the Philippines: Donations Needed!

On Saturday September 26, 2009, a fierce storm hit the Philippines. The typhoon, known locally as Ondoy and internationally as Ketsana, brought strong wind and heavy rainfall that eventually caused major damage to the country, particularly to Manila, the capital city.

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo declared a state of calamity for almost the entire region. Several areas were affected by heavy flooding, with surges as high as 6 metres sweeping up everything in their path. 240 deaths were reported as of September 28, 2009, and countless people are still missing. News reports for the past days have shown people clambering to the roofs of their homes in a desperate attempt to escape the floods, the clothes on their backs the only things they were able to salvage. To say that this has caused major damage to person and property would be an understatement, given the major losses the country has suffered.

While there have been rescue missions and outreach programs to help the victims, most victims of this storm are still in need of aid. Here is where you can help. Listed below is web link to World Vision that delivers badly needed aid to the victims of typhoon Ketsana. Even the smallest contribution will help to provide relief to the needy, so please consider giving.

Thank you.

World Vision Emergency Relief