And the angel said, "Give me money, for I have not enough."

So you have a start-up company. You have slaved over the business plan. You have assembled the core team, who have all agreed to defer pay in order to get the business off the ground. You have prepared a prototype of your product/service. You have developed your web site, reseller network, and you are doing all the customer support yourself, because you know THAT is the kind of dedication it takes to start a business.

Poppycock. If you are truly dedicated to making your start-up a success, you know what you need to do. You need to grab your CFO and scrape together as much money as possible – liquidate company assets and fire a couple founders if you need to!

Once you have gathered the money, you give it all to ridiculously rich angel investors.

Here at Outblaze we’ve certainly experienced our share of the bizarre in over a decade of operations, but we have now been introduced to something new: angel investors who charge start-ups significant sums of money before they will even consider investing in them.

You read that correctly. If your start-up needs money, you can now pay rich investors to think about the possibility of a distant chance to maybe invest in your business idea.

More information on this truly revolutionary business concept at the blog of Jason Calacanis, the CEO of

Last week, a number of the TechCrunch50 companies informed me about firms calling them to present at their “Angel forums” – – only to discover that they would face fees ranging from $1,000 to $6,000 for a 10-15 minute pitch slot. After additionally investigation by the Jason Nation (the top 10% of the maniacs who follow me on Twitter), I was sent details of one epic bastard that wanted $10-$25,000, plus a couple of percentage points of the value of the deal

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