Hello Kitty's Birthday Cheer

We are happy to announce the launch of a new Hello Kitty Online event. Hello Kitty’s Birthday Cheer is a birthday celebration with a charity component – something we do regularly for HKO. Hello Kitty will be 36 years old on November 1.

This in-game event will benefit the charity Save the Children, which is working to provide aid after super typhoon Megi wreaked havoc in the Philippines. A portion of the donation will also go to our long-time partner the Asian Youth Orchestra.

You can find more information here and MUCH more information here.

We are always looking for comments and suggestions so I urge you to download and try the game if you haven’t done so already. You will find the game client (Windows only) here.  Just install it and sign up using the client and you are ready to play.

Congratulations to the HKO team who worked hard and long to get this event up and running!