Chinese Blogger Con 2007 Preview

Outblaze is proud to be a major sponsor of the 3rd annual Chinese Blogger Conference, which was held in Beijing on November 3-4 2007.

Fon Hong Kong and Outblaze’s new service Blogarate are major sponsors.

You can also see the sponsor logos of other companies in the Outblaze group: Sanrio Digital, Typhoon Games, Dream Cortex, SanrioTown and Activ8.

For more information, and to get an idea of what was discussed, you may visit the Live-blogging of the 3rd annual Chinese Blogger Conference in Beijing. Feng37 is a Canadian who has translated Chinese Blogger Con’s proceedings into English.

This is the video captured during the event:

We did lots of interviews during this very interesting conference, please come back soon to watch them!

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