The interview with Chairman Mao

From the wikipedia entry:

Isaac Mao is one of the pioneers of blogs in the People’s Republic of China. He is co-founder of and a researcher in social learning…
As one of the earliest bloggers in the Chinese community, Isaac is not only co-founder of which is the earliest evangelizing site in China on grassroots publishing, but also the co-organizer of Chinese Blogger Conference (2005 in Shanghai, 2006 in Hangzhou).

Isaac Mao is the co-organizer of the 3rd Chinese Blogger Conference in Beijing that I attended this past week-end on November 3-4. I was lucky enough to be able to do a video interview of him.

I have known Isaac Mao for over 3 years. When I started blogging, I found and meet a lot of Chinese bloggers there, including Isaac, and I began to learn more about China’s issues through blogging, in addition to newspapers and magazines and similar media.

In the interview Isaac introduces the concept of CnBloggerCon; this is a good chance to understand why Isaac and other volunteers worked so hard to form and maintain the conference the last 3 years. I admire them very much for it.

Note: people referred tongue-in-cheek to Isaac Mao, as “Chairman Mao.” (via Rebecca McKinnon), so I named this post “The interview with Chairman Mao”.

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  • WebLeOn says:

    the 3rd cnbloggercon was just great, met sweet sidekick on the conference.

    i’ve known her for years. the first face2face impression was even better than online.

    i thought her arms should get massaged, she recorded punch of clips, haaa….

  • Jansen says:

    it’s a great pain i wasn’t in the cn blogger con, ‘coz i missed the chance to meet some of the top and famous chinese bloggers in tw and cn.

    r u guys going to post more reports, videos and interviews here?

  • Hi Jansen, Sidekick is working on more interviews, keep checking back here for more content. She just uploaded two more interviews, have a look at the entry with the interviews for tangos Chan and Jeremy Goldkorn.

  • zixia says:

    hi sidekick! you are here! 🙂