Outblaze partner FON joins forces with Deutsche Telekom to blanket Germany with WiFi

Outblaze and FON have been partners since 2006, when Outblaze formally brought FON to Hong Kong and Outblaze CEO Yat Siu became the Fonero Leader for the entire Asia Pacific region. Now we are proud to announce that FON has struck a deal with Deutsche Telekom to provide over 2.5 million WiFi hotspots in Germany! As Techcrunch reported the joint FON-DT network will be called “WLAN TO GO”:

DT has 12 million broadband subscribers and more than 12,000 existing Wi-Fi hotspots across [Germany]. Commenting on the partnership in a statement, Rene Obermann, outgoing CEO of DT, said: ”By 2016, we want to provide nationwide WLAN TO GO at more than 2.5 million additional hotspots.”

It’s a great step forward for the Spanish crowd-sourced WiFi provider, which has been profitable for 3 years. If you’re still not familiar with FON, the concept is easy: you set up a nifty little FON WiFi router that shares a portion of your Internet bandwidth with other FON users (called Foneros). This allows FON members to use your hotspot and also gives you access to the almost 8 million and growing FON hotspots provided by other Foneros around the world. Add to that 2.5 million new hotspots in Germany and you have a powerful network of free Internet access – especially in Europe, where coverage is strongest.

Congratulations to FON and its dynamic leader, Martin Varsavsky!