More Chinese Blogger Conference interviews – Tangos Chan and Jeremy Goldkorn

More material from the 3rd Chinese Blogger Conference that I attended last week-end! Today we have Tangos Chan, I know him from his Chinese blog Incomplete, and first met him at the 1st Chinese Blogger Conference, in Shanghai.

Tangos also has an English blog called China Web 2.0 Review, which tracks web 2.0 development, and reviews and profiles web2.0 applications, businesses and services in China. He wants foreigners to pay more attention to new IT start ups, and not just at the famous portal sites.

Besides English (as you see in the interview) and Mandarin, Tangos also speaks Cantonese which made me feel more at home. He took good care of me at the Blogger Conference, helping me to find more people to interview. Tangos, thank you very much!

Next up we have Jeremy Goldkorn, founder and editor of, a hugely popular site that covers Chinese media, marketing, advertising and urban life. Jeremy has been in Beijing for 12 years, and speaks fluent Mandarin. He just wrote a blog post called ” Chinese Blogger Conference 2007 – some thoughts. Here is the video interview with Jeremy Goldkorn:

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